The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast: Prioritizing Self Care: The Simple Practice Every Mom Needs with Allie Mirosevic


When you're a mom, self care tends to only happen when it's convenient - when you have the time, when you have the energy, and when you remember to.

And we have it completely backwards when it comes to that!

That's like expecting the car to move without putting any gas in it.

Our self care is our gas and in this week's episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Allie Mirosevic.

Allie is a wife, mom of two, and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. She is the founder of Bliss'd, a self-care brand aimed at helping fellow moms live more joyful and fulfilling lives through the power of journaling. Allie discovered her love for journaling in 2019, during a challenging first postpartum experience, and now wants to help other moms experience the transformative benefits of journaling.

In this episode, Allie and I discuss:

  • the incredible impact journaling can have for moms
  • different ways you can journal
  • how journaling can help you become more mindful with life, marriage and...
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The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast: The One Question To Ask To Overcome Burnout

motherhood self care Oct 03, 2023

Do you ever feel like you are just ONE moment away from needing to curl up into a ball and just cry because you're feeling overwhelmed by marriage, motherhood, work, and just LIFE?

As women we have so many expectations put on us and then have even MORE put onto us once we become moms.

It's seriously no wonder why so many moms out there experience burnout which is exactly why I wanted to share the one question I've learned to ask myself whenever I feel like I'm on the verge of losing my shit.

This one question has helped me overcome burnout so that life, marriage, motherhood and business feels less chaotic and more simple, intentional, and enjoyable.

In this week's episode of The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast, I share:

  • the consequences we experience when moms don't practice self care
  • the importance of nurturing connection in your marriage
  • one question I believe every mom needs to start asking to overcome and prevent burnout

Listen here and remember to...

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The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast: Prioritizing Mental Health To Thrive In Motherhood with Christine Anastasia

mental health motherhood Sep 19, 2023

Motherhood can be so beautiful and also so overwhelming and consuming. Most moms I've talked to have experienced losing their sense of self and battled with figuring out how to care for their family as well as themselves. While majority of our generation didn't grow up with an example of how to do that, we are now trying to figure out our way of doing things so that we can balance motherhood with our womanhood.

In this week's episode of The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast, I chat with Christine Anastasia to discuss why moms need to prioritize their mental health.

Christine is a Master Certified Life Coach and a young working parent. She is a mom of three and her coaching services and group programs help new moms and busy moms juggling work and raising a young family.  At their core, she believes they want to be the best versions of themselves. She helps moms prioritize their well-being in motherhood so they can thrive. 

During the episode, Christine and...

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The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast: What is REAL Self Care?


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We often think of self care as something we do that we get to indulge in like spa days or a day out with friends.

But as busy moms, this isn't always convenient or possible because of time, money or childcare.

So does this mean we have to feel burned out between the times we can make it happen? NO!

In this week's episode of The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast, I dive into:

  • what REAL self care is and redefining how we think of self care
  • what REAL self care looks like
  • the benefits of practicing sustainable self care


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The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast: Your Marriage or Your Kids: What Comes First?


So many couples out there share that the connection in their marriage has declined since becoming parents.

The shift in focus puts a huge toll on the relationship and couples are sometimes realizing it too late.

If you're wanting to make sure your marriage can stand the test of parenthood and time, then you'll definitely want to tune into this episode!

In this week's episode of The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast, I share:

  • What comes first - your husband or your kids
  • What can happen as a result of prioritizing your kids above your marriage
  • When you should prioritize your kids over your husband
  • Who you should prioritize above your husband AND your kids

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The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast: Taking Your Parenting Beyond Conscious Parenting with Cara Tyrrell

motherhood parenting Aug 29, 2023

We all know being a mom is HARD.

And they say that if you think you're failing at it, then you're doing it right.

It's particularly tough trying to raise your kids differently than how you were raised. You try to implement conscious parenting approaches in your home and it feels so good when you notice positive changes, but it absolutely takes a lot of mental effort to be this intentional.

However, did you know there's a style of parenting that goes beyond conscious parenting? I sure didn't until I chatted with this week's guest, Cara Tyrrell!

In this week's episode of The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast, I interviewed Cara Tyrrell to talk all about what collaborative parenting and how it works.

Cara Tyrrell is a Vermont based Early Childhood Educator, Collaborative Parenting Coach, and the founder of Core4Parenting™. She is the passionate mastermind behind the Collaborative Parenting Methodology™, a birth-to-five, soul and science based framework...

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The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast: The Benefits of a Healthy Bedtime Routine with Danielle Ubhaus


Sleep is the one thing we're told we're gonna lose out on as parents. Too bad babies don't come out knowing how to sleep through the night already right?

Sleep deprivation can really mess with you. You feel all out of sorts, you don't know what day it is, you don't remember when you last showered, and you're also a lot less patient and lot more snippy.

When you're lacking sleep, you get used to being some level of tired. You get so used to it that you don't even realize how much it's affecting you - especially in your relationship. Your relationship with yourself, with your partner and with your kids.

In this week's episode of The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast, I interviewed Danielle Ubhaus to talk all about bedtime routines!

Danielle is a mom of 4 and Children’s Sleep Coach. She helps families who are exhausted and ready for a sleep transformation so they can be the best version of themselves for their children, partners, families and...

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The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast: How To Genuinely Enjoy Your Family Vacations

motherhood Jul 11, 2023

How many times have you gone on vacation with your family only to come back feeling like it would've been much easier to just stay home? Going on trips with kids can be so stressful and so now that we're officially on summer mode, I wanted to share this one hack I do now with my family so that we can set our family vacations up for success and actually come back feeling more connected rather than feeling like we need a break from each other.

In this week's episode of The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast, I share:

  • The one hack I use to genuinely enjoy my family vacations
  • Different ways we use it and how you can too

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The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast: Surviving Summer With The Kids At Home with Marisa Lonic

motherhood Jul 04, 2023

School is out which means the kids are home. If the idea of having the kids at home all day is daunting to you with all the extra food you'll need, the activities planned out, all the driving around... then you'll want to tune into this episode!

In this week's episode of The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast, I interviewed Marisa Lonic to talk all about how she's planning to thrive through summer.

Marisa Lonic is a certified intuitive life & business coach, keynote speaker, 3x author, top-rated podcast host and the founder of Mama Work It. After spending nearly 15 years in corporate leadership positions, Marisa shifted gears to become a full-time Time Momager & Biz Momager. Through her books, courses, and coaching programs, she helps busy moms juggling mom life, work life, wife life, fill in the blank life. Her time management and goal achievement strategies have helped the most overwhelmed mamas turn their dreams into reality, even when they thought...

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The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast: Let's Talk About Mom Guilt with Emily Rose Hardy


Up until we become moms, life is all about us. We get to do what we want, when we want and with who we want, but then once we become moms, that all changes.

Our self care becomes non-existent and thinking about doing something for ourselves comes with a heavy dose of mom guilt.

In this week's episode of The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast, I interviewed Emily Rose Hardy.

Emily Rose Hardy is a motherhood support coach, host of The Worthy Mother Podcast, and mom of two little boys. She is on a mission to help moms reclaim their identities and free themselves from the pressures of motherhood. Emily is passionate about redefining what it means to be a mom, and challenging the societal norms that contribute to feelings of mom guilt and shame for so many moms. Emily lives on the central coast of California with her husband and two young sons.

In this interview, Emily shares:

  • Why it's difficult to prioritize yourself when you become a mom
  • Needs we have that go beyond our...
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