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Hey mama!

Do you miss feeling that spark in your marriage?

Do you feel like you're just mom and dad instead of wife and husband?

Do your fights make you question if you're even on the same team anymore?

If you answered yes to all of these, I see you.

Becoming parents is a huge adjustment for your relationship.

You go from having all the time in the world for flirting, going on adventures, talking for hours and romancing each other...

To feeling too tired to hang out, too resentful to make an effort, and just not feeling like you're on the same team anymore.

But just because this is common, doesn't mean it's healthy and it for sure doesn't have to stay this way forever.

What most couples don't realize is that marriage isn't guaranteed. It takes effort to keep it fresh.. and yet, it's so common for couples to put their marriage on the backburner when they're busy raising kids.

Not prioritizing your marriage has led to repetitive arguments that don't seem to go anywhere.

And when you're always upset with each other, who has the energy and motivation to connect.

Can you relate to this?

So you tried working on your communication by talking more, going to couples counseling, and going on more dates but you're not seeing change that sticks.

The reason why your attempts at fixing your marriage haven't worked is because you just need to learn the skills to build a strong foundation for your marriage!

When you have the skills to navigate conflict, your arguments become conversations, you feel more like a team, which means that you'll actually feel closer as time goes on and you'll have the desire to spend time together, cuddle, hold hands, flirt, and be the lovers you were before the kids came into the picture!

Through my courses or coaching, you get to create this for yourself!

All that stands in the way of you and your happiness are just skills to be learned and your willingness to prioritize your marriage again.

Hi! I'm Michelle Purta!

I'm a happily married mom of 3 and I'm here to help you enjoy your marriage again!

Like you, didn't learn how to have healthy relationships. I had those relationships where there was more arguing going on than connecting.

After learning what worked and what didn't, I made it my mission to help as many mamas learn the skills to be happily married too.

Because when you know how to fight the right way, conflict can actually be used to strengthen you as a team rather than tear you apart.

When you know how to navigate any issue, you can spend more time crying from tears of happiness rather than sadness or anger.

You deserve the best and I want to teach you how to create that for yourself!

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