you can have a great marriage
while still being a great mom!

Your marriage doesn’t have
to be put on hold
because of mom life.

Marriage is HARD and the one thing we all have are challenges in our marriage. Mom life does a number to us! We go from being individuals who happened to be married, to someone who is OBSESSED with the little people we created. But… what happened to the rest of your life? It’s time to bring that marriage back to the forefront mama! I know you may think that your kids are young and NEED you, but you know what they need more? They NEED to see what a healthy marriage looks like! Whatever you’re showing them now is what they’re going to think is normal! Is that what you want?

Do you want them to think that marriage is mommy and daddy ONLY talking about the kids? Do you want them to think that after having kids, the sweet days of married life are OVER? Please say no! You CAN be a great mom while having an A-MAZING marriage, mama! You need to prioritize your marriage over your kids, no matter how young! You two are the people who made this little family of yours. Don’t you think it deserves to be nurtured? What will life look like once the kids are grown up and moved out? With years of putting your marriage on the back burner, your relationship will shift to being ROOMMATES. Is that what you really want or do you want to have a marriage full of connection and passion that lasts through the years?

Like you, I did not have the perfect model to follow. My parents’ marriage was void of communication and passion. However, I am intent on breaking the cycle.

I am here to help you fill up your toolbox with ways to communicate with your partner that are effective and help you find yourself again. From working with me, you will get to know yourself A WHOLE LOT more so that you can show up for your marriage even better!

If you want to fight for your marriage, I am here to keep you in the ring for another round or five. I will not let you back down from what you want in your marriage.

If this is what you want for your family, do your kids a favor and schedule a complimentary session with me to see if we’re a great fit. Can’t wait to chat with you!


"I have never had so much clarity on my past, who I am, and who I want to be for my family since working with Michelle! The exercises and lessons she uses are effective and thought provoking, and she holds you accountable for taking action. What I love most about working with Michelle is that she is an EXCELLENT active listener. By that I mean, she is easy to talk to, listens without judgement, asks the right questions to really get down to the root of the problem, and encourages shifts in perspective. […] She guided me towards concrete steps of action, and held me accountable with check-ins.” - Jen, 33, married

“I feel like I can share my skeletons, my fears, my dark thoughts and she wouldn't hold judgment. That is what you would want from a coach. […] If you are a struggling with your relationship and feel like it is too much work to work on it, but you know that you can't give up, then Michelle is absolutely the right person to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and identifying areas that offers you new ways to look at a given situation.” - Annie, 44, married, 2 kids

“Seriously you are truly changing the dynamic in my marriage, I could just thankful for you Michelle.. You are magic.” - Eileen, 36, married, 2 kids

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