Ep. 10 - How Present Are You?


How present you are has a large impact on your life and your marriage

Before I started working on myself, it was really hard to be present. Now, I’m able to be in the moment and soak up everything that is there to experience. Even for something as simple as going on a walk and noticing how green the leaves are, noticing how the sun feels on your skin, how the wind feels, the flowers that you walk past, and just being there. Not just focusing on your destination and just walking.

When you’re not present with your partner, you're on your phone or maybe you're checked out and you're not really with them at that moment. Same with your kids, you may be sitting with them and they're playing, but you’re somewhere else. Your body is there, but your mind and your energy are not there. That's how I know when I'm not present. When I feel like I'm in a hurry all the time. I'm irritable, focusing on productivity. What's on my to-do list?

What I noticed is that when...

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Ep. 4 - How Your Marriage Can Change Without Dragging Your Partner into Couples Counseling


When you think of ways to work on your marriage, society has pretty much defined the go-to route as couples counseling.

Counseling is great, however, what if your husband doesn't want to go or what if it doesn't work? Does this mean that your relationship is doomed?

If neither of those work, don’t give up, there are other options out there for you!

To name some... there’s marriage coaching, marriage retreats, marriage workshops, and marriage classes!

If you're in a situation where you feel lost in your marriage, you're unhappy and you don't know what to do next and counseling is not an option, your marriage can still survive and thrive! Your fate is not doomed for divorce or indefinite misery because the most widely known option (counseling) isn’t available.

If you are thinking, “well, my partner didn’t want to go to couples counseling so how would any other method work?” Let’s dig deeper into that question.


We Only Have...

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Ep. 3 - How To Know If Your Marriage Needs Work


How To Know If Your Marriage Needs Work

 Marriage is not always sunshine and rainbows. If you walked into marriage feeling that was the bar that you had to meet, let’s abolish that thought. Marriage, just like everything in life, goes through seasons. It’s the same in motherhood, where there are times it feels like everything is smooth sailing and then something happens and you're thinking, “I don't know what the hell I'm doing.”

Marriage goes through seasons as well. There is so much pressure put on a marriage. We expect our partners to be a certain way and to meet our expectations and make us happy. We're not always doing this intentionally though. Sometimes it's very much unintentional. Even being a marriage coach, I go through this as well. I was subconsciously expecting my spouse to do things I never shared I wanted or I had this unrealistic expectation that I was holding over him.


Where Are You in Your Marriage?

We have so much...

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Ep. 1 My Story


Welcome to my podcast! I can't believe it! But I've actually been talking about starting this podcast for over a year now. And it just feels so surreal and exciting for it to finally be out in the world. And I'm so grateful you're here spending time with me.

My name is Michelle Purta. And I'm a Life and Marriage Coach for moms. And I want to use this episode to share more about me and why I do what I do and why I created this podcast.

So I am a woman, a wife, a stepmom, and a mom. We live out in California, in the Bay Area right outside of San Francisco. We have a blended family, so my oldest is my husband's son from a different relationship and we have two kids of our own. So right now as we speak, my oldest is twelve. My middle child will be six later this year. My youngest will be two next month and we also have two bunnies.

Now, why am I a Life and Marriage Coach for moms? Of all the things that I can do, why am I this?

Well, the short answer is, I want you...

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