The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast: The Benefits of a Healthy Bedtime Routine with Danielle Ubhaus


Sleep is the one thing we're told we're gonna lose out on as parents. Too bad babies don't come out knowing how to sleep through the night already right?

Sleep deprivation can really mess with you. You feel all out of sorts, you don't know what day it is, you don't remember when you last showered, and you're also a lot less patient and lot more snippy.

When you're lacking sleep, you get used to being some level of tired. You get so used to it that you don't even realize how much it's affecting you - especially in your relationship. Your relationship with yourself, with your partner and with your kids.

In this week's episode of The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast, I interviewed Danielle Ubhaus to talk all about bedtime routines!

Danielle is a mom of 4 and Children’s Sleep Coach. She helps families who are exhausted and ready for a sleep transformation so they can be the best version of themselves for their children, partners, families and friends. She offers a client-led approach that matches your parenting style, there is no one size fits all! Her program is a three week, 1:1, intensive to coach and support you! With her 5-step process, she gives you, your child and your family sleep success!

For being a listener, she is gifting 15% off her services if you mention my name. If you're interested in working with her, schedule your free call here!

In my interview with Danielle, she shares:

  • The benefits of a bedtime routine
  • How to establish a healthy bedtime routine
  • Why a bedtime is crucial for everyone in the family 

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