What if marriage after kids could still be fun, passionate, and satisfying?

Coaching can help you have this (and more)!


Is this you?

Things were so good before kids and ever since having kids - things have felt stale and more challenging.

Connection is next to non-existent and communication feels SO HARD.

Aside from co-parenting, you two don't feel connected over much else.. almost like you're just roommates who happen to raise kids together.

After the kids are in bed, you're each off doing your own thing.. little to no quality time together, flirting once in a blue moon... the honeymoon stage is CLEARLY over.

If this sounds like your marriage, you are not alone and nothing is wrong with you.

This is totally COMMON and totally fixable!

You know you two love each other and things could be better but you've tried all the things to fix your marriage like.. trying to talk it out, getting advice from friends, maybe even going to counseling.

If this is you, maybe it's time to try something different like coaching!

If you're done with:

  • feeling frustrated
  • feeling resentful
  • feeling disconnected
  • having repetitive arguments
  • not knowing how to resolve conflict

and you're ready to step into the next stage of your marriage - one that feels like you're best friends AND lovers who happen to also be co-parents, then I invite you to explore what coaching can do for you by scheduling a free consult with me!


Ghandi said it best...

Be the change you want to see
in the world your marriage.

Here's the tea...

Change starts at the individual level and growing up, we are taught that other people are responsible for our happiness.

Maybe you've seen your parents do that?

I grew up believing this too, it's not your fault.

If you believe this, it's hurting your marriage.

When we believe that others are responsible for our own happiness, we start to wait for the other person to change and we grow resentful.

And resentment is the #1 connection killer.

This is where my approach is different.

I believe that growth in the marriage happens on the individual level.

When you work on your own personal growth and become the wife your marriage deserves instead of deciding what you will or won't do out of spite, that's when real change can happen.

This applies to your husband too! This is why in my couples coaching program, I have dedicated sessions for each of you as well as you two as a couple so that everyone has the space to feel seen, heard, understood and supported.


How would your marriage change if you learned to:

  • be your own source of joy
  • understand and embrace your emotions
  • clearly communicate your needs
  • respond vs react during conflict
  • set healthy boundaries
  • use conflict to GROW the connection in your marriage
  • be the partner you each need
  • keep the excitement alive

These are all the essential skills behind every healthy and successful marriage.

This may all sound like it's too good to be true, but it's not and my clients can vouch for it.



"My marriage took a 180 degree turn and it didn't even take long! I had tried searching online for motivational quotes, passages, online couples therapy, individual therapy and had asked for support from my closest friends and family. But I just wasn't seeing any changes. After working with Michelle, I feel like I can handle life better. Arguments aren't as detrimental. My husband is more relaxed. He is joking around more and being himself more (the guy I was attracted to while dating). We are laughing together, having fun & enjoying each other's company. We can be the happy, playful, loving couple I wanted us to be. I appreciate Michelle so much and so do my friends and family!"
- Dani E.


"You really helped us and I'm so grateful that we found you. We had continually reached scary low points in our relationship and its stability. We were unable to talk about serious things and agree on what changes we needed to make. Since working together, I am more aware of the roadblocks that kept us from addressing conflict and it's much more clear what we each need and how we need it. Things are much better. I enjoyed that you kept us moving in the right direction at all times. You listened really well, but didn't let us go too far down a dark road that we would normally have gone down. You steered us towards the light. Now we are able to diffuse conflict before it blows up."
- Mike M.


"We previously worked with a marriage counselor and she never cut through to our issues and helped like Michelle did. Our marriage did a 180 in less than 4 months. For a while, I avoided "real" conversations and after working with Michelle we are venturing back into deep real conversations and feel like high school sweethearts all over again, I'm just smitten with him. If you're looking for someone, I can't recommend her enough. It has seriously been life changing."
- Jackie M.

With the right tools and support, your marriage can do a 180°

Learn the tools and mindset that will help you create the marriage you desire and come back to when things get off track (as life does).

Private coaching is a 12 week journey where you can receive support as a wife or as a couple. You will receive support and mentorship to help you learn how to feel connected in your marriage so that you can enjoy it through every stage of life - not just when "the time is right".

After our time together, you will be able to:

- Navigate conflict with more ease and less drama
- Create a deeper connection with yourself and your partner
- Understand your emotions in depth and be able to use them to support your marriage
- Bring more lightness and fun into your marriage
- Be the loving, kind, fun, flirty, and compassionate partner you desire to be
- Have your marriage feel like HOME

12 week coaching packages range from $999 to $3,333 depending on level of support.


During our time together, we will work on the three essential skills needed for a thriving marriage:

  • SELF MASTERY - deepen your connection with yourself so you understand what you desire, how to regulate your emotions, what your strengths are, what areas you can grow in, and what parts of you need love and healing for you to move forward so that you can lead yourself no matter what issues come up in your life and marriage
  • CONSCIOUS COMMUNICATION - elevate how you communicate so that you start having productive conversations where you feel heard and your partner opens up and lets you in
  • PARTNERSHIP - become the partner that will inspire your partner to step up to meet your needs and co-create a fulfilling marriage alongside you

More from my clients

"Michelle brought our relationship back from being almost nonexistent. In the day-to-day mess of life, it's easy to fall into a routine and she helped me to be more thoughtful about the parts that I was taking for granted. She helped me be intentional about what I wanted my relationship to look like and helped me to figure out steps that worked for my communication and lifestyle to get there.

Things had come to a head in my relationship, such that we needed outside assistance of some kind. I was experiencing communication issues with my spouse, volatile arguments, and we were growing apart. I barely liked my spouse anymore and I REALLY didn't like the way that we were interacting and how it made me feel.  It was unsustainable. I didn't want my kids to see this type of relationship as normal.

After working with Michelle, as a whole, I am more thoughtful and intentional about my interactions  - especially with my spouse - but it carries through to everyone. My husband has changed the way that he communicates with me when we disagree. He communicates more about underlying needs that are easier to act on.

It seemed impossible to enjoy being around my spouse again, but now we are enjoying each other’s company more and working together on problems instead of working against each other. There are still some bedrock items that we probably won't ever see eye-to-eye on but the WAY that we disagree about them is much more healthy and much less volatile.

I can truly say that working with Michelle has made my entire life better. She is so smart and thoughtful and kind. I feel like she always assumed the kindest motive in every interaction.

I never EVER felt she judged me or any part of my situation. She addressed every issue with such compassion and undivided attention. And for a person like me - who can sometimes be very inarticulate - she was always patient and provided helpful prompts. And I cannot appreciate enough that she never pretended to be perfect. I always felt like I could trust her because she is a real, flawed person.

I think everyone would benefit from working with Michelle!"
- Elisa G.


"I consider myself a very, very, self-reliant uber independent woman. We often would fight about the same. damn. thing. over and over. We both felt unappreciated and not valued.

Michelle came into the rescue while I was on a 2 hour drive from LA to San Diego. I have been to therapy before, but never to a relationship coach.

I feel very fortunate that Michelle found her calling to be there for women. I feel like I can share my skeletons, my fears, my dark thoughts and she wouldn't hold judgment. That is what you would want from a relationship coach. If you are a struggling with your relationship and feel like it is too much work to work on it, but you know that you can't give up, then Michelle is absolutely the right person to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and identifying areas that offers you new ways to look at a given situation."
- Annie V.


"What I love most about working with Michelle is that she is an EXCELLENT active listener. By that I mean, she is easy to talk to, listens without judgment, asks the right questions to really get down to the root of the problem, and encourages shifts in perspective. She helped me to see that every relationship is a two-way street, and while my husband may have things to work on, I must also do my part in order to make our marriage work. She guided me towards concrete steps of action, and held me accountable with check-ins. After conversations with her, I found myself reflecting on argument patterns, where I could improve my own communication skills in explicitly communicating my needs, and how I could help my husband communicate his. She helped me reframe negative situations as opportunities for growth, taught me conflict resolution skills, how to communicate with empathy, and to seek to understand first rather than be understood."
- Erika C.


"Coaching with Michelle was a life-changer for myself and my marriage! Much more goal-oriented, perspective-changing, and plan and progress-focused than any therapy or counseling I have ever engaged in."
- Michelle S.


"I originally sought out Michelle because I was running out of ideas on how to stay in my marriage. Initially, I was scared, but she made me feel safe and I was able to open up to her. After explaining my situation, she quickly uncovered the areas in my life that I needed to shed some light on; she was so on point I was speechless...Total mic drop! Michelle is without a doubt the perfect person to guide you in any stage of your marriage."
- Eileen M.


"My family is closer. My husband and I have been able to have more vulnerable discussions…and we are solving problems faster. Fewer disagreements…more loved…She’s amazing. Michelle is one of those people that you’re like “she was born for this.” She asks hard questions in such an amazingly inviting way. Get ready to change how you will forever look at issues. It’s like she unlocked this objective pathway for me to analyze problems."
- Melissa P.


What comes with private coaching?

12 weeks of support through calls and/or unlimited messaging support to guide you through your marriage challenges so you can learn the skills needed to enjoy your marriage again!

12 Week Private Coaching Options:
1:1 Coaching -

  • Weekly calls
  • Messaging support via Voxer

Couples Coaching -

  • Weekly calls - alternating between individuals and together to ensure each spouse feels seen, heard and supported with their individual needs and goals
  • Messaging support via Voxer

1:1 Coaching Jump Start - 

  • Weekly calls for the first 4 weeks
  • Messaging support via Voxer


What is the investment?

Coaching packages range from $999 to $3,333


What's the difference between counseling and coaching?

Coaching is ideal if you are ready to make your marriage better and you would like something more action oriented and structured. Based on what your goals are, we will dive into what challenges you're facing and what skills or perspective shifts are needed to help you achieve your goals.

Coaching can be done individually or as a couple. Coaching is best for those who understand change happens on the individual level and know that personal growth is a necessary part of the process.

Counseling is best for you if you have a need to dive into the past and need support with healing through trauma and/or managing mental health concerns.

With that said, counseling and coaching complement each other really well.

My style of coaching takes a holistic approach where I blend guidance, mentorship, and intuition. Each session will be different based on what I believe will help you achieve your goal in the quickest way possible.


What if we work together and I decide to get divorced?

I will be teaching you how to build a healthy foundation for a strong and thriving relationship. Sometimes, relationships have run their course and it's best for all parties for the relationship to come to and end.

However, if you decide to divorce, you will feel clear and confident in your decision because you've worked through the resentment and anger.

Either way, what you learn will support your existing marriage, but even if you decide to move on from it, you will have a better foundation for your future relationship(s). Either way, this is a win win for you.


What if I still have things I want to work on beyond our 12 weeks together?

If there's a need and desire for support then let's keep the momentum going! I've had clients work with me for as little as 3 months and for as long as 2 years! I have supported my clients through challenges including marriage, parenting, career, and other personal goals of theirs! I'm here to help you create your best life!

I am so ready for this!!

Not quite ready or able to start coaching yet?

Here are some other options:

- Single coaching session  - receive support to see what it's like working with me without the commitment!

Investment: $333, visit here to book your session!

- Marriage Foundations (course) - Check out my 10 week self guided course to build the foundation you need for a thriving marriage!

Investment: $333, purchase here!

- Marriage Communication Essentials (course) - Check out the framework I teach my private clients on how to navigate tough conversations and turn them into opportunities where you and your spouse can grow closer together rather than apart.

Investment: $99, purchase here!

- The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast - Listen to my podcast where I share many many insights and tips that can help you make progress in your relationship.

Tune in here!


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