Welcome to the self paced program to help you go from having your marriage be just about being mom and dad aka “roommates” to having a fulfilling and loving partnership!

Are you ready to experience MORE in your marriage?


You are in the RIGHT place, mama!

Say goodbye to that old WAY PAST EXPIRED belief that parents cannot prioritize their marriage while raising kids.

We’re not trying to repeat our parent’s marriage.

It’s time to make up our own rules where we get to ENJOY our marriage AND still be an awesome mom.

This program will help you with EXACTLY that, because you are not ”just a mom” or even “just a wife”! You’re a WOMAN and you’ve got needs too!

So let’s help you create exactly the life you envisioned for yourself (AND THEN SOME) and not waste any more of your life living on AUTOPILOT!

Imagine being able to look at your husband and feeling nothing but GRATITUDE for having exactly the relationship that you want but never thought possible.


This course is for you if…

  • …you want to experience more love, connection and joy with your partner

  • …you want to create a vision for your marriage that feels fun and exciting to work towards

  • …you want to uncover the next steps to take in your marriage that best serves your unique partnership

  • …you want to dive deep into learning more about yourself to heal the parts of you that are stopping you from creating exactly the marriage you desire

  • …you want to become the version of you that has the relationship you want

  • …you want to elevate your communication skills so that you can feel seen and heard and have him wanting to give you what you want and do things to show he loves you

  • …you want to learn how to be your most authentic self and feel free doing so

  • …you want to learn how to navigate setting and maintaining healthy boundaries

  • …you are ready to recommit to working on your marriage

Is this you? You…

  • …often feel resentful towards your husband because you don’t feel supported by him

  • …wish you had the tools to know how to communicate with him without it escalating into nasty fights

  • …feel awful when your kids see you and your husband fighting and wish you could be better for them but don’t know how

  • …just want to be able to connect in a way that’s fun and light

  • …know you need to make time to work on your marriage but you are just TOO burnt out and the responsibilities just seem NEVERENDING

If all of this is you,
I got you girl!


By joining Embrace, you are saying yes to

  • …finally making you and your needs a priority ANNND knowing how to meet them

  • …being able to show up as the best version of yourself WAY MORE often (because, we’re still human)

  • …being able to connect more deeply with your husband


  • …setting THE example of what a happy and healthy relationship looks and feels like for your kids

  • …experiencing WAY more fun, love and fulfillment in your life

  • …having moments where you have to pinch yourself because you wonder “is this really my life right now?”


Inside of Embrace you will be guided through my signature method to makeover your life and marriage so you can:

  • be a joyful mom

  • love and accept yourself more

  • fight healthier

  • embody the badass Queen that you are

  • build a better marriage


This course includes:

  • 10 trainings each designed to help you learn how to create the life and marriage you desire

  • love work to help you integrate what you learned from the trainings

Investment: $333


See what the women are saying because of the program!

Frequently Asked Questions

That's completely up to you!

This is a self paced course. You can binge watch all the trainings in a week or space them out for as long as you need!

My personal recommendation is to go through one training a week so you can go deep with each lesson.

YES! This program is a great way for you to gain a solid foundation on how to create a healthy relationship with yourself and your partner. This will help you get clear on what your next steps are! What better than to give it your best shot and THEN decide? This can be your way of making your last ditch effort so if you decide to walk away, you can do so feeling confident that you really gave it your all while getting to know who you are and becoming someone you absolutely love! No regrets!

Since you will be receiving the course in its entirety upon signing up, there are no refunds.

I highly recommend reaching out to Michelle if you're desiring support around something.

Hi! I’m Michelle!

I am a wife, a stepmom, mom and also a life + marriage coach for moms! I help moms LOVE their life and marriage again!

It is my mission to help moms enjoy their life and marriage, no matter what stage of motherhood they’re in and I am SO excited to be able to support you inside of Embrace.

I will be walking you through my signature method so you can start to experience the love, connection and joy you are SO deeply worthy and deserving of.

Let’s not waste any more of your time. If you're ready to break some cycles and create a ripple effect with the impact you're going to make on your life and your children's lives (and a whole bunch of other people), then let’s do this!!

See ya there!


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