The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast: Debunking Myths About Conflict

communication partnership Oct 24, 2023

After becoming parents, couples begin to face a lot of challenges around being able to resolve conflict together as a team and ending fights.

They struggle with communicating and the arguments seem neverending because they don't know how to do it successfully and productively, and just end up sweeping it under the rug and then move on with life because there's always some chore to be done or a kid to help.

And then unsurprisingly, the same issue comes back up. So marriage feels more like being in between fights rather than something more positive and enjoyable.

Conflict is meant to be an opportunity to connect and grow with each other and deepen the intimacy you have with each other and strengthen your relationship, but that can't happen unless you have the skills to know how to resolve conflict in a healthier way.

In this week's episode of The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast, I share:

  • 3 myths about conflict and the actual truth
  • why conflict feels so challenging for couples
  • the goal of conflict and what gets to happen when you learn to navigate it well

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5 Questions To Go From
Conflict To Connection

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