The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast: 3 Things To Stop Doing To Feel More Heard

communication marriage Oct 20, 2023

One of the most common things women are telling me these days is that they want to feel more heard by their husbands.

They want to feel like their spouse is listening to them, taking to heart what they're saying, and acting on the feedback they're receiving so that they can feel like they're supported in their marriage.

Feeling heard is needed in order to deepen the intimacy with your partner and knowing how to set the stage for both people in the relationship to feel heard is pivotal.

In this week's episode of The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast, I share:

  • What feeling heard means
  • Why feeling heard is vital in a marriage
  • What happens when we don't feel heard
  • 3 things people do that prevents them from feeling heard

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