The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast: Caring For Yourself As A Caregiver with Erin Antroinen

self care Oct 31, 2023

You all know by now how important it is to care for yourself when you're a mom and the impact it can have on who you're being to your loved ones and this episode we're taking a look at self care with a slight twist because we'll be diving into the importance of self care for caregivers, not just in the sense of being a parent but also being a caregiver to aging or ill parents.

In this episode, I got to chat with Erin Antroinen.

Erin is the passionate owner and CEO of NextGen Caregivers, whose journey into caregiving was sparked when she simultaneously cared for her father battling cancer and her mother facing dementia and Parkinson's. Erin is your guide to a personalized caregiving approach, recognizing that each caregiver's story is unique.

She's here to support caregivers at every stage, from newbies seeking logistics and stress management tips, to seasoned caregivers looking for somatic awareness and emotional support, and those wanting to thrive on their caregiving journey. Erin believes that caregiving, though demanding, offers incredible opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment.

Tune in as we dive into:

  • Erin's personal experience caring for her parents
  • navigating self care while being a caregiver
  • having end-of-life wishes conversations with your parents
  • finding joy in the caregiving journey and prioritizing your own well-being

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