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Marriage Talk: Should you go to bed mad?

In this Solvv, I chat with Rasathi and Debbie to break down the popular advice people give newly weds to never go to bed angry at each other. Does this actually support the relationship?

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Mama Work It Podcast

In this episode, Marisa and I discuss how to manage that tough time in your relationship when you have a new baby, the tool you must use if you want to communicate more effectively with your hubs and level up your relationship and my tips for regularly checking in to keep you and your man happy.

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Stable Mama Podcast

In this episode, Johanna Buss and I discuss how to have those tough conversations with your spouse. How to tackle your business together so you can not only be life partners, but business partners too, in a sense. This is a MUST LISTEN if you have a business and a marriage because it's more than business conversations, these tips transpire to all communication with your partner!

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Mind Over Motherhood Podcast

In this episode, Dr. Carly Crewe MD and I chat about keeping your marriage healthy.

We discussed how to deal with guilt and resentment, how to navigate different expectations around housework and sex, and how to help your marriage thrive when your partner is away a lot.

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The Fast-Track Entrepreneur Podcast

In this episode, Terra and I talk about how to build your business without feeling guilty or waiting for your partner to change. In this episode, I share tips and strategies on how you can feel empowered, shift your perspective and learn to communicate with your partner so you can experience more joy and connection (while running a business that you love

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The Simply Profitable Podcast

In this episode, Ashley and I chat about the complexities of growing a business and how it can easily lead to burnout and putting your family and husband on the back burner. Check out this episode to learn how to build a business without the burnout or destruction of your relationships.

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Gotcha Mama Podcast

In this episode, Amanda and I chat about how to realistically prioritize your marriage WHILE raising little kids, examples of healthy boundaries and why they are so important in a marriage, practical tips for engaging in meaningful connection with your spouse even when you’re exhausted, and ways you can keep moving forward and continue to grow within your marriage once you get to a healthy place.

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Beyond Motherhood Podcast

In this episode, Camille and I talk about the importance of your relationship dynamic and how to better communicate your feelings. We talk about what actually happens when you stop waiting for your partner to change, the benefits of getting clarity first and not making assumptions, the art of timing for special conversations and so much more…

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Mimosas with Moms Podcast

On this episode, I chat with Abbey about how to keep our marriages flourishing after kids. I share how I work with moms to communicate and connect with their partners better.

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The Slowolution Podcast

On this episode I share some insight on what is the number one killer of a marriage and how to turn your marriage from a frustrated reality to a happy partnership.

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The Sweetest (and Toughest) Job Podcast

On this episode we have a conversation about the challenges that couples face after becoming parents for the first, second or subsequent time. We go into how to refocus your relationship with your husband, the importance of self care, looking inward to strengthen your relationship with your spouse, and how to move forward together when things go off track.

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Voices of Your Village Podcast

On this episode we talk all about co-parenting through different parenting approaches. There are multiple ways to raise tiny humans, and partners may have different ideas. Check out this episode to learn how to navigate finding common ground in parenthood.

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The Everyday Mind Podcast

On this episode, we chat about some practical ways you can quickly notice when your business is coming before your family and how to involve your husband in your business. I shared how to keep it simple but find ways to be fun, silly, and passionate about your marriage while still pursuing all your business goals.

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Hello Vagina Podcast

On this episode we talk through communication in marriage and the need to make the time and put in the effort with your spouse, even once you have had children. Along with some tips to start that open dialogue even if its been gone from your relationship for awhile.

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Winning at the Mom Life Podcast

On this episode, I share the top complaints I hear from women when it comes to communicating with their husbands and 5 tips that will help you start improving communication in your marriage and build the peaceful marriage you desire.

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How To Have A Killer Marriage After The Honeymoon

On this episode of the Unshaken Podcast, I break down tangible tips that you can start working on in your day to day life that will transform your relationship.

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How Self Aware Are You?

On this Solvv episode, I discuss self awareness and the role it plays in life.

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