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Meet Michelle


Hey Girl!

My name is Michelle! I am happily married and we have two boys - one who is my stepson, in case you were wondering how I birthed a blonde and blue eyed boy. ;)

I am a Marriage Coach for Moms and I empower moms to be happier in their marriages by being authentically themselves!

I believe our kids need to see us happy and the best thing we can do for them is to have a rock solid marriage. I didn’t have a great example and I don’t want my kids learning the hard way how to have a successful relationship. How about you?

For years, I had to put in a lot of inner work to unlearn what I observed in my childhood. My parents did not have healthy communication or a solid foundation together and as a result, I carried that into every relationship I had.

I want my kids to have a strong foundation to work off of and not wait until the kids are moved out to enjoy my marriage.

If you’re ready to transform your marriage, schedule a free clarity call so we can connect and see if we can work together to create the change you want!