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group coaching program
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This 8 week group coaching program is perfect for you if:

  • You are ready to give up feeling unappreciated and resentful in your marriage

  • You desire to feel happy and in love again

  • You are ready to learn effective and ACTIONABLE tools to improve your marriage

  • You are ready to change your life from the INSIDE out

  • You want to lead your children by example

  • You want to connect with like-minded women in an intimate-sized group on this self-healing journey (up to 10)


In this program you will learn:

  • How to transform your life and your marriage

  • How to feel loved and confident again

  • How to manage your mom guilt

  • How to feel connected to your husband even while arguing

  • How to bring back intimacy into your marriage

  • How to go from resentful to trusting and feeling safe

  • How to set up boundaries to honor yourself

  • The key to living an easeful life


This program will include:

  • Pre-recorded training videos for you to watch at your convenience

  • Weekly live group coaching video calls led by Michelle

  • Exclusive private Facebook community for each round of group coaching

  • Lifetime access to the training and coaching calls

  • Access to all self-led courses available during the duration of the group coaching program

  • BONUS: Two 1:1 coaching sessions with Michelle

  • Add ons: 1:1 calls at a discounted rate


this program is not for you if you…

  • Want to continue pretending your marriage isn’t affecting your life negatively.

  • Want to teach your kids that this is how you resolve conflict and show you love people.

  • Are ok with your marriage continually getting worse over the years, potentially leading to divorce with years of therapy for you and your kids.

  • Are not willing to own your part for why your marriage is where it is today.

  • Want high support. Check out my 1:1 coaching program here!

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    "I have never had so much clarity on my past, who I am, and who I want to be for my family since working with Michelle! The exercises and lessons she uses are effective and thought provoking, and she holds you accountable for taking action. What I love most about working with Michelle is that she is an EXCELLENT active listener. By that I mean, she is easy to talk to, listens without judgement, asks the right questions to really get down to the root of the problem, and encourages shifts in perspective. […] She guided me towards concrete steps of action, and held me accountable with check-ins.” - Jen, 33, married

    “I feel like I can share my skeletons, my fears, my dark thoughts and she wouldn't hold judgment. That is what you would want from a coach. […] If you are a struggling with your relationship and feel like it is too much work to work on it, but you know that you can't give up, then Michelle is absolutely the right person to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and identifying areas that offers you new ways to look at a given situation.” - Annie, 44, married, 2 kids

    “Seriously you are truly changing the dynamic in my marriage, I could just thankful for you Michelle.. You are magic.” - Eileen, 36, married, 2 kids


    Do you guarantee results?
    I guarantee that I will support you through your journey every step of the way. Your results will be 100% dependent on how much work you put into it. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. If I were to promise you something I have no control over, I would be lying and lying isn’t my jam. :)

    Do you give refunds?
    Nope. I only allow a limited number of people in this program so I want you to be confident that

    Will the coaching calls be recorded?
    Yes! These calls will absolutely be recorded so if mom life gets in the way, then you can catch the replay and contact me if you have any questions.

    How confidential will this be?
    100% confidential! What we discuss will stay within the confines of the group members.

    What if I’m shy and I don’t want to show my face in the live calls?
    No problem! You can keep your video off if you’d like… but personally, I would love to see your face each week! This will help me coach you better because I’ll be able to see if you’re having a challenging time with something we’re working through together. But ultimately, it’s up to you!

    Do you offer parenting coaching as well?
    I can give tips here and there based on what has worked for me, but I am not a Parenting Coach. If you are in search for one, I can refer you to one. I focus mainly on marriage and self discovery.

    Have a question that’s not listed here?
    Email me or schedule a call! I’d love to answer any questions or concerns you have. We can figure out what’s best for you at this time.


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