Imagine being able to go from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to calm and clear just through the power of your breath.

What is breathwork?

Breathwork is one of the most powerful self-healing technique that exists today.

Through conscious breathing, you can relax your nervous system, promote calmness, and come back to place of balance and peace within your body.

With the breath, you can calm your mind and regulate your emotions when you are feeling triggered so that you can respond from your higher self rather than your triggered self.

Through specific breath patterns, you can shift your state in a matter of minutes.

The power of the breath is life changing.


Why breathwork?

As humans, we all fluctuate between states of pure bliss and overwhelming stress/fear/anger/sadness.

Breathwork is an incredibly supportive modality that bridges the mind and the body - the conscious and the subconscious mind.

Just as our breathing changes depending on how we feel, the opposite is true as well. We can change how we feel by changing how we breathe.

Conscious breathing allows us to bring forth more awareness, more focus, more clarity and more compassion around what challenges we're currently faced with.

Breathwork can help with:

  • reducing anxiety, stress and overwhelm
  • gaining clarity
  • focus
  • creativity
  • feeling more joy
  • self love
  • improving sleep
  • releasing stuck emotions in the body from trauma
  • connecting with your body
  • emotional resilience
  • connecting with your higher self and intuition
  • connecting with God/Universe/Source


Basically, if you're human, you can benefit from breathwork ;)


About Michelle

I first experienced breathwork for the first time back in 2010 when I started practicing yoga. During that time I learned different pranayama techniques that allowed for me to shift my energy from low to high or from triggered to grounded.

In 2020, I experienced a different method of breathwork that transformed me from the inside out.

Since incorporating a regular breathwork practice into my life, I have been able to support myself through life's ups and downs with more ease and compassion.

I have learned how to support my nervous system when I'm flooded with emotions from stressors that come with being a human, woman, wife, mom and entrepreneur.

I have been able to deeply connect with myself and increase my comfort with discomfort - especially when it comes to my emotions (fear, sadness, anger, and feeling stuck).

I have been able to relieve anxiety, stress and overwhelm, release emotions from past traumas, process anger, receive clarity, improve my focus and creativity, connect with my inner child, tap into my intuition, and grow my emotional resilience.

Through the breath, I have been able to offer myself more compassion, which has grown my capacity to offer others the same.

Breathwork is an amazing tool for personal growth and I believe everyone could benefit from integrating the power of breath into their lives.

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" I LOVE breathwork and have had many beautiful breathwork experiences... THIS session was definitely one of the BEST breathwork sessions I've ever had - THANK YOU Michelle!"

- Dani


"I really enjoyed this session. I wasn't really sure what to expect since I'd never done breathwork before. The breathing took a little getting used to (with some difficulty at times), but what I liked most was how Michelle guided the session. She was so supportive and intuitive. She knew exactly what to say to bring calm and help guide me through the tough spots. It was almost like she was feeling exactly what I was feeling and knew how to help me process it and connect more with my inner self. I would love to continue working with her."



"Thank you! It was just what I needed.

I really enjoyed Michelle's presence and her ability to hold such a safe container for me to be able to express all of the emotions I was feeling. She has such a warm and welcoming presence that allowed me to feel safe."

- Erin


"I didn't know what to expect and wow, that was pretty incredible!! Like I said during the session, this is another one of your gifts! Thank you!!

- Dani


"This was the most comfortable I've felt during a breathwork session or any healing session. I felt like it was truly about me and what I needed to receive.

I was out of my head and listening to my body and that allowed me to fully experience the release/healing."

- Charise


"This truly was a session for me to remember and an inspiration.

It truly feels like Michelle has never done anything else."

- Daniela


"The way she guided me through the breathing and the flow of her words were very powerful.

Michelle is a really gifted facilitator. I love how she provides such a safe space to feel and process any and all emotions before, during and after each session. I look forward to future sessions with her!"

- April


"Michelle is amazing at holding space and guiding breath!

Honestly, the session was amazing it was exactly what I needed. She made me feel supported and safe the entire time and really worked with where I was at during the session"

- Tatiana


"It was so lovely connecting in that space and breathing with Michelle!

She took time at the beginning to check in with me and had me tap into my own intention first. I felt very seen and heard through this."

- Nicole


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