The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast: Creating A Fulfilled Life As A Mom with Kelsey Smith

Has motherhood left you feeling like you've lost yourself?

In this week's episode of The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast, I interviewed Kelsey Smith from Momma Has Goals.

After the complicated delivery of her first son, Kelsey had the realization that while she had accomplished many "goals", they weren't goals that brought her fulfillment.

As she woke up from surgery she wondered if she hadn't woken up, what story would she leave behind? 
Would her children know what brought her joy? What she stood for? This experience led Kelsey to her own journey of fulfilment and self discovery where she had the massive realization that this feeling was far too common for mothers all over the world. Kelsey knew she needed to normalize moms having big dreams + making their own fulfillment a priority, so she created a space that helped women and mothers do just that.

Through her community, the Mommas Has Goals phone app, events, and programs Kelsey leads women to the life of their dreams for themselves and their family with the mission to help all current and aspiring mommas find their highest self in and outside of motherhood.

In this interview, Kelsey shares:

  • Steps to finding fulfillment
  • Steps to creating fulfillment
  • Finding balance between gratitude and desire
  • How to prioritize all your responsibilities
  • How to handle mom guilt while pursuing your passion or project

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