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The Sweetest (and Toughest) Job Podcast

On this episode we have a conversation about the challenges that couples face after becoming parents for the first, second or subsequent time. We go into how to refocus your relationship with your husband, the importance of self care, looking inward to strengthen your relationship with your spouse, and how to move forward together when things go off track.


Voices of Your Village Podcast

On this episode we talk all about co-parenting through different parenting approaches. There are multiple ways to raise tiny humans, and partners may have different ideas. Check out this episode to learn how to navigate finding common ground in parenthood.


The Everyday Mind Podcast

On this episode, we chat about some practical ways you can quickly notice when your business is coming before your family and how to involve your husband in your business. I shared how to keep it simple but find ways to be fun, silly, and passionate about your marriage while still pursuing all your business goals.


Hello Vagina Podcast

On this episode we talk through communication in marriage and the need to make the time and put in the effort with your spouse, even once you have had children. Along with some tips to start that open dialogue even if its been gone from your relationship for awhile.


The Working Mom

On this episode, I share the biggest struggles I see in marriage when coaching other women and mothers. Listen in for some insight and advice on how to strengthen your marriage and really have a marriage not just a best friend.


Winning at the Mom Life Podcast

On this episode, I share the top complaints I hear from women when it comes to communicating with their husbands and 5 tips that will help you start improving communication in your marriage and build the peaceful marriage you desire.

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The Unshaken Podcast

On this episode, I break down tangible tips that you can start working on in your day to day life that will transform your relationship.


The Working Mom Mindset Podcast

On episode Bonus 002, Natalie Ihde and I talked about communication, being intentional in our relationship, and reconnecting with our husbands.

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Limitless Mamas: The Podcast

On episode 19, Tara Counterman from and I talked about self-care, prioritizing your marriage, asking for the things you need and all things marriage!